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Crawford Lake Conservation Area is a conservation area owned and operated by Conservation Halton near the community of Campbellville in Milton, Halton, Ontario, Canada. It is categorized as a regional environmentally sensitive area, an Ontario Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, and part of the Niagara Escarpment world biosphere reserve. The conservation area contains Crawford Lake, a reconstructed Iroquoian village, and several hiking trails. A study conducted in 1971 determined that the lake is meromictic, which makes the lake a prime site for archaeological and geochemical studies. Using pollen analysis, reconstruction of the history of the area over several hundred years was possible. Geochemical analysis of sediment cores has allowed for the reconstruction of the pollution history of the area. This analysis revealed the trends and sources of air pollution over approximately 150 years. The pollen analysis revealed corn pollen, indicating a possible Iroquoian settlement nearby, as corn was a staple of their agriculture. A search of the surrounding area found a grindstone, which would have been used in such a village. Wikipedia

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